What to Wear to a Winery: Perfect Outfits + Practical Tips

girl walking through a vineyard in yellow dress example for what to wear to a winery in summer

If you’re headed to a winery, what should you wear? The answer might seem obvious – after all, it’s not like you’re going to a black tie event. But there are still some things to keep in mind when choosing what to wear to a winery. In this article, we’ll give you outfit ideas, no matter what the season or which wine region you visit.

Our editors have been to vineyards and wineries all over the world. No matter the region or destination, what people wear to wineries doesn’t really change much. It’s only the season and the weather that are most important to consider.

If you have booked a wine tour or tasting, be sure to read the basics of what to expect at your winery visit, plus all the outfit suggestions below!

The Basics: What to Expect at a Winery and How to Dress

When it comes to picking an outfit for visiting a winery, there are some basic considerations you should make, regardless of the season.

  1. There is no official dress code at wineries. That being said, you still want to be practical and respectful. Keep your outfit classy and casual. No flip flops, and save the workout clothes for the gym.
  2. Rural location: Wineries are often in rural locations. That means gravel and dirt roads and pathways. Keep your dress whites at home, unless you know you’re visiting a highly manicured property.
  3. Vineyard Tour: If you’re doing a tour of the vineyard, you will walk through the vineyard, which is essentially a farm. Depending on the weather, this could include mud, dirt, plants, etc. Wearing white shoes is not advisable, and leave the stilettos at home.
  4. No scents: Wine tasting requires you to smell the wine, and bringing scents into a winery is a big no-no. This includes strong perfume (ideally none at all), essential oils, strongly scented lotion, scented hand sanitizer, baby wipes, etc. If you can smell it, it will negatively affect the wine tasting experience for everyone in the room.
  5. Winery Tours: Wineries can be messy operational facilities, especially during harvest. Grapes are being transported and crushes, juice is moved around, floor are hosed down and often wet. Wine cellars are fairly chilly as well. Even if you didn’t book a tour, prepare to tour one just in case and wear comfortable shoes that you aren’t going to be too precious about.
  6. Wine Tasting Only: If you’re only going to be tasting wine inside a tasting room (at the winery or in a city tasting room), you can wear the same type of clothing you would wear to lunch at a restaurant. If you’re going to wine country, wine tastings are often done outside when the weather is nice.
  7. Don’t forget sun protection: You might be outside for a bit, tasting, touring or both. Make sure to take sunscreen to protect yourself. Once you start tasting, you might forget! Alternatively, bring a sun hat.

Winery Outfit Ideas

Below are some specific suggestions for casual winery outfits by season. Wine tasting outfits are ultimately up to you and your style, but these are meant to give you some inspiration. Most wineries and wine tasting rooms are casual, so unless the winery has specifically sent dress code information, casual is a safe assumption.

What to Wear to a Winery in the Summer (Hot Weather)

There are lots of options when it comes to how to dress at a winery in the summer. First, check the weather for your wine country destination. Some wine regions may even require you to wear layers in the summer. Even if it doesn’t cool off outside at all, you might find yourself in a cold wine cellar for 20 minutes on a tour.

For example, a perfect wine tasting outfit for summer in Napa Valley or California wine country is probably a floral midi dress with comfortable sandals and a denim jacket for night when it cools off.

Outfits like flowy dresses, a crisp white t-shirt with a cute skirt or lightweight printed pants are perfect for summer in wine country.

You can wear sandals, just pick some that feel sturdy on uneven ground. You don’t want to be carried out of the vineyard after twisting an ankle!

For men, a collared shirt is always a good choice. In the summer, you can wear a short-sleeved button down or polo. Linen is a great summer fabric. A polo shirt or a long sleeve linen top (sleeves rolled) with chino pants or jeans are both good options for men to wear to a winery.

A button up top and jeans is a classic look for anyone. In summer, the shirt could be a crisp white poplin or linen shirt is most classic. The key is to look relaxed and casual though, not like you’re going to a stuffy office.

What to Wear to a Wine Tasting in the Fall or Spring

If you are wearing jeans, consider pairing with a denim shirt in a similar color. This is a simple outfit but you will always look put together in it. If rain is in the forecast, layer a trench over it.

Ankle boots are fall staples and a flannel shacket is a good layer for fall. Temperatures can swing in the fall, so layers are key. A nice pair of work boots are a go-to shoe in fall for anyone.

Maxi dresses and light sweaters, and complimentary colors to the changing colors on the vines are great for photos in fall!

What to Wear to Wine Country in the Winter (Cold Weather)

In the winter, temps can vary based on location. As always, check the weather that week.

Not all wine regions are uncomfortably cold in winter. For instance, Sonoma County and most of California wine country is quite mild. A leather jacket over a maxi dress and a cute pair of ankle boots is a nice way to dress up for a winery in winter. Some days, you might not even need the jacket!

In contrast, if you’re headed to a wine region that gets snow, you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Some other popular outfit choices for women in winter are:

  1. Warm sweater with jeans and ankle boots
  2. Sweater dresses with tall or riding boots make a simple outfit.

Just remember, winter can also be more rainy in some destinations, so the ground might be muddy in areas. It’s not the time to wear your fresh white sneaks.

It’s also smart to bring a wool beanie for cold winter days. Black crewneck sweater, a nice pair of brown work boots, dark jeans, hat (ball cap or beanie). Classic look.

Wearing a Purse in Wine Country

If you plan to take a bag or purse, a crossbody purse is a good option to wear wine tasting. Something small that allows you to be hands free while wine tasting is what you’re after.

An alternative option would be a good solid leather or canvas tote bag, especially if you’re bringing the kids. You will want to bring some distractions, like books and [quiet] games.

Wearing White in Wine Country

Don’t be afraid to wear white in wine country. White dresses with pretty floral prints or white linen tops are perfect for summer. Beware you might end up sitting at a rustic picnic table outside with a red wine glass sitting on a not-so-flat surface. Get the picture? So, there is a level of risk wearing white. However, white looks sharp in summer and you only live once! If you’ll be worried the whole time, it’s safer to wear something else.

Wine Tasting Attire FAQ

What is wine country casual?

Wine country casual is a term used by some stylists to describe looks that seem relaxed yet still put-together, appropriate for the farm, but more dressy than if you were actually working on the farm.

What type of shoes should I wear to a winery?

The type of shoes you wear to a winery will depend on the outfit. The most important thing is that you wear shoes that are comfortable, since you might be doing a bit of walking. Remember, you might be walking through vineyards or touring a winemaking facility that has a wet floor.

Flat sandals or mid-heel sandals with thicker soles, sneakers, loafers, and boots are great. Really high heels are definitely a bad idea. Avoid flip flops as they look sloppy and aren’t great for walking through tall grass or gravel paths.

Can I wear jeans to a winery?

Yes, you can absolutely wear jeans. Overall, you want to wear casual clothing. In fact, it is one of the most popular choices for both men and women. Vineyards are a type of farm, and wineries can be messy operations during harvest. Consider something lighter than jeans in the summer, as it can be quite hot. For example, linen pants or shorts would be a great choice.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you decide to wear, don’t fret too much about it! After all, you’ll be in a nice winery setting tasting delicious wine and taking in the view with friends. It’ll be a great day no matter what you are wearing.

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