About Food+Wine Tourism

Food+Wine Tourism offers expert advice on traveling the world’s best food and wine regions.

We are a small community who love to travel, drink wine, and try amazing food all around the world. We’re willing to go off the beaten track for unique and new experiences – hiking a volcano to see a special coffee farm, finding a traditional breakfast cooked by a wise grandmother, and drinking wine out of wooden barrels (or plastic buckets) in underground cellars, caves, warehouses, or barns depending on where we find our favorite producers.

Our contributing writers have lived in and traveled to many of the world’s wine regions. We know from experience that meeting that one local expert (or sometimes just showing up at the right restaurant on the right night of the week) can help send your entire trip in a new direction.

Many of us have found ourselves digging through obscure forums, thumbing through out-of-date guidebooks, and asking everyone we know for recommendations on where to eat and what to drink.

One key part of our goal from this site (aside from making food and wine tourism easier and more fun) is to support the local chefs, winemakers, and farmers doing amazing work around the world by helping you find and connect with them more easily.

From all our contributors, we wish you success in your travels! Let us know how we can help.

– Amy

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