The Best Wine Hotels in Portugal 

If you’re reading this, then we’re assuming you’re coming to Portugal to taste some Portuguese wines. 

Well, maybe you’re coming for wine tasting, but also the rocky Atlantic beaches, olive groves, amazing fresh seafood, sunshine, hospitality… (honestly there are MANY reasons to come out to Portugal!). 

That’s perfectly fine, but we don’t want you to miss out on maximizing your experience in Portugal. 

We think that, if you’re able, all wine lovers should get to know the wine and stay in a wine hotel in Portugal for at least part of your trip. There are options for both luxury hotels or a cozier charming boutique hotel.

At a wine hotel, you get to be within a winery, overlooking a gorgeous vineyard, fully immersing yourself in the source and all knowledge possible of what you drink. Who can think of a better way to experience Portugal and Portuguese wine than a full immersion? I certainly can’t. 

If you’re interested in learning about the best wine hotels in Portugal, read on! 

What’s so special about Portuguese wine? 

Drinking Wine in a view of Portuguese wineries

Well, for one, Portugal has never really caved into the pressure to conform to other Western wine trends. Portuguese wineries have continued to grow their own grapes and use the authentic, local stuff. 

By the way— Portugal has the most grape varieties of any country in Europe. The fact that they stayed true to their identity and perpetuated all these 250+ native grape varieties is something very special to us. 

Like France and other countries with strong wine cultures, Portugal has its own sacred, regional wines. However, the most common type that we always, always hear about is Port wine. During the 18th century, the world really put its attention on Port wine, which is a sweet & heavy, fortified dessert wine made in grapes in the Douro Valley. 

However, Portugal has far more than Porto dessert wine, despite a misconception that port wine represents all Portuguese wine. 

If you’re a dry wine lover, for instance, you’ll find some amazing dry Portuguese wines, as well as white wines, semi-sweets, and other varieties. 

Top Picks for Wine Tourism in Portugal

The YeatmanPorto
L’And VineyardsAlentejo 
Quinta de la RosaDouro
Torre de PalmaAlentejo
Quinta da PachecaDouro

The Best Wine Hotels in Portugal (A Closer Peak) 

The Yeatman — Porto 

• Address: Rua de Choupelo, Vila Nova de Gaia 4400-088 Portugal
• Phone: 011 351 308 811 670

The Yeatman Wine hotels n Portugal

Here are the highlights & main features of The Yeatman:

  • Internationally prestigious wine hotel
  • Spacious rooms
  • Wine tastings, classes, and wine-themed spa treatments
  • Eclectic decor with wine paraphernalia 
  • Fitness center
  • Spa with wine treatments (including barrel treatment) 
  • Michelin-star Restaurant
  • Babysitting & children’s activities
  • Rooftop infinity pool 
  • View of river and 7 acres of land
Inside Pool at The Yeatman — Porto wine hotel

This award-winning, internationally prestigious hotel is a must when you’re visiting the region Porto in Northwest Portugal. 

Out of Portugal’s wine hotels, it’s probably the most well-known and well-decorated. Coming in, you’ll notice that they incorporate the theme of the hotel in a tasteful way, using wine items and paraphernalia as tasteful decorations. 

In fact, this hotel pays close attention to aesthetics. They’ve made sure that the rooms face the river for a spectacular view (all 109 of the rooms). 

You’ll find many amenities at this hotel, including a rooftop pool, spa with wine-themed treatments, and a Michelin-star restaurant inside. 

All these features, along with their wine tastings, workshops, and classes, provide a lot of value and convenience for guests. In fact, families are especially welcome here. 

Yeatman hotel spacious rooms

The Yeatman provides spacious rooms, babysitting, and children’s activities to make sure they’re taken care of while the adults enjoy the wine. They have large and gorgeous tasting rooms and tasting opportunities, whether you come as a couple or with a group. 

Even though this place is in Porto, you can count on them having more than dessert, fortified port wine. However, if you like port wine, this is the place in Portugal to visit. 

L’And Vineyards— Montemor-o-Novo, Alentejo 

• Address: Estrada Nacional 4 Herdade das Valadas, Montemor-o-Novo 7050-031 Portugal
• Phone: 011351266242400

L’And Vineyards Montemor-o-Novo, Alentejo Hotel in Portugal

Here are the highlights & main features of the L’And Vineyards:

  • Wine feature 
  • Convenient location, with city view and access to nature
  • Children’s playground, entertainment / media, & babysitting
  • Fitness Center with yoga classes
  • Spa
  • Restaurant
  • Close to Igreja da Misericórdia and other popular tourist destinations
  • Sundeck and stargazing on roof top terrace
  • Horse riding 
  • Outdoor fireplace 
  • Air balloon rides

When you think of a boutique hotel, you typically think of delicate, fanciful decor on the rustic and feminine side. This hotel embraces the charm of a boutique hotel with incredibly modern and chic, yet Earthy, decor. 

They’re also on stargazing lists, as one of the best hotels in Europe for gazing at the stars. 

L And Vineyards Wine Bar

Something we love especially about this boutique wine hotel is its fantastic location. Here, guests have access to the city, as well as hiking trails and important tourist sites. 

The hotel arranges activities for the guests (for separate, varied rates), such as horseback riding, air balloon rides, and hiking. To me, this is the funnest way to get to know the Alentejo region and the vineyard.

Their restaurant, abundance of pools, spa, and child services enable you to get the very most out of your accommodation. 

Inside the L And Vineyards wine hotel in portugal

At L’And, they dive deep into the wine education experiences, getting down even into the biodynamic principles of winemaking. You’ll have access to Évora and major cultural sites with a trained historian. 

L And Vineyards Montemor o Novo  Alentejo Outdoor Pool

Lastly, other great features about this hotel are their grounds and outdoor pool. You’ll have the comfort of swimming in a private park or club, yet will be surrounded by nature and more natural views than otherwise. 

Quinta de la Rosa— Pinhão, Douro  

• Address: Quinta de la Rosa, 5085-215 Covas do Douro, Portugal
• Phone: +351 254 732 254

Quinta de la Rosa  Pinhao Douro Wine Hotel in Portugal

Here are the highlights & main features of the Quinta de la Rosa:

  • Breathtaking views 
  • Small B&B guesthouse experience  / authentically Portuguese 
  • No Fitness Center
  • No Spa
  • Restaurant
  • Free breakfast
  • Outdoor pool with a view
  • Hiking, tours & tastings 

This family-owned, boutique winery is more like a bed and breakfast or guest house than a hotel. 

In fact, while they offer hospitable, personable service and treat their guests like family, you won’t find very much modernity or hotel-like amenities. 

As long as you accept that and appreciate the wine and view, then you’ll be sure to enjoy this wine bed & breakfast. 

Speaking of breakfast, they do include breakfast as a complimentary bonus to staying there. Their restaurant is an added bonus (although you do have to pay for those meals). 

Quinta de la Rosa Pool Area in Portugal

You can reserve a table on the terrace to ensure a spectacular view with your dinner if you prefer to dine outdoors. Also, don’t forget about its tours, walks, and tastings, which you can explore here

We love its unique location and history. First, it stands on a large staircase that goes down to the Douro River. In case you didn’t know, the Douro is a major river in Portugal and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful plains and hills in the country. 

Secondly, the family has been in this business since the beginning of the 19th century. They’ve passed the business down and maintained its charm and history. 

Quinta de la Rosa— Pinhão, Douro restaurant view of Douro River

Coming here, you’ll get a deeply authentic experience and enjoy wine in a laid back, scenic house. If you prefer something more modern but still love this site, they have a newer, more contemporary-style building. 

However, we think you’ll fall in love with its historic, original guesthouse. 

Torre de Palma— Monforte, Alentejo 

Torre de Palma— Monforte, Alentejo

Here are the highlights & main features of the Torre de Palma

  • Wine feature 
  • Hammam
  • Pools
  • Fitness Center
  • Spa, sauna & hot tub
  • Restaurant
  • Swim up bar
  • Child-friendly activities / kid’s entertainment
  • Sunset views  

Sometimes you come across gems that have a grand size, yet timeless charm. This remote, countryside winery and hotel has a fairytale character to it. While this place won’t have as many amenities as a hotel, it offers child-friendly activities, a full spa with sauna and hammam, and all the other basics that you need. 

Also, we can’t forget its spectacular Alentejo sunset. The set is truly gorgeous any time of day; however, dusk and sunset has a truly special magic to it. 

Torre de Palma— Monforte, Alentejo winery

Here, you’ll of course get access to wine tastings, winery tours, outside tours (including of nearby Roman ruins), horseback riding, stargazing, and nature walks. 

Torre de Palma Monforte winery tours

One of our favorite activities they offer is the family rickshaw ride through the vineyards. This guided tour is a great way to teach the whole family about wine while immersing yourselves in the source. 

Quinta da Pacheca— Douro 

• Address: Rua do Relógio do Sol 261, 5100-424 Lamego, Portugal
• Phone: +351 254 331 229

Quinta da Pacheca Douro in Portugal

Here are the highlights & main features of the Quinta da Pacheca:

  • Barefoot grape-threading (during harvest season)
  • Luxury rooms & barrel suites 
  • Fitness Center with yoga classes
  • Babysitting & kids’ activities 
  • Outdoor massages 
  • Restaurant
  • Hiking & bicycle rentals 
  • Table tennis  

This traditional winery goes all the way back to the 16th century, and there, they’re still making their wine with their long-kept secret methods. 

Yet, who’d have expected this old, traditional Portuguese winery to be so quirky? 

When it’s the harvest season, you can participate in its barefoot grape-threading activity. This traditional method makes for fun, memorable experiences with a significant other, friends, or family. 

Since their location is wonderfully remote, they are aware that they need to keep people entertained and kids taken care of. 

Quinta da Pacheca Wine Restaurant in Douro Portugal

They’ve provided babysitting services, kids meals and activities, and lots of fun things for adults and teenages, such as table tennis. You can also go on a hike or ride your bike around the breathtaking landscape in the Douro Valley. 

Last but not least— We hope you’ll be one of the lucky 10 who get to rent out their barrel suites. 

Quinta da pacheca famous suites within wine barrels

Yes, you read this correctly: In addition to their tastings, wine tours, and wine educational activities, they take immersion to the literal level and offer exclusive suites within wine barrels!